Easy and 100% online instant payday loans

Getting loans instantly has become a real possibility thanks to the adaptation of lenders to new technologies. On this page we can compare and choose among the best instant loans that are in the current financial market:

The poor documentation of the credits without paperwork

The fact that we are talking about loans without fast paperwork does not mean that we do not have to provide any kind of documentation. With this term we refer to financial products that have eliminated the vast majority of paperwork required to apply for funding, allowing us to get money online much more conveniently. However, there are two documents that we must provide to comply with the minimum information required by lenders:

  • DNI or NIE: to verify our identity, age, and place of residence
  • Proof of Income: it must also appear our account number to receive credit income.

It is important to know that, in the case of resorting to certain lenders, we can also eliminate this contribution of documentation. These financial entities that allow us to apply for loans without urgent paperwork have identity validation applications that will confirm all the data required by the lender. For this, we will only have to give access for a few seconds to our online bank account where a robot will study our financial profile and it will come out, without anyone being able to access our bank or personal data.

Who offers me quick loans without documentation?

The adaptation of the finance market to new technologies allows customers to obtain financing through the Internet. The quick loans that have appeared in the market allow us to obtain money with a huge reduction in the forms and procedures and through our computer or smartphone. The different entities that we can go to obtain this financing can be grouped into these three categories:

  • Conventional banking: our bank has all the information regarding our financial profile, so we will hardly have to provide documentation when requesting a loan. In addition, many banks offer pre-approved loans based on their studies of our profile that can be requested through the online banking of these entities, as well as their mobile applications and ATMs. Once accepted, this type of loan is automatically entered into our account.
  • Private credit institutions:: these are the loan companies that have adopted the most to the new technologies, eliminating almost completely the contribution of documentation required for the granting of the loan. Speed is the main feature of the processing of these private equity entities, being able to get their loans in a matter of minutes from the beginning of the application. These companies even offer loans with ASNEF for customers that include a list of defaults.
  • Large commercial platforms: dealers, specialized stores and department stores usually offer us financing to obtain their products. As the purpose of these loans is the purchase of a good, these companies usually give us the item or service instead of the money. In addition, you can find very advantageous offers in their financing methods.

Depending on our need for cash or the purpose we want to give the credit obtained, we can opt for one of these sources of funding or others. However, it is always very useful to compare the different offers in order to get the cheapest financing that best suits our profile.

How much money can I get with the loans without papers?

Fast-financing products have been designed to deal with situations in which we need an urgent cash injection to make an unexpected payment. The amounts that we can obtain depend on the type of product that we hire, so it is important to differentiate between the different options available in the market:

  • Minicréditos without paperwork: these offered products are suitable to get small amounts of money (up to a maximum of 1,000 euros in general) in a matter of minutes. Your request is the fastest in the market, and you can count on the money in your account in less than 15 minutes. The reimbursement of these minicréditos usually is made by means of the payment of a single quote that will include the loan and the fees and interests. The maximum term to make this return is usually 30 days and its cost is around 1.1% daily.
  • Fast loans without paperwork: if you need more than we can request with the mini-credits, we can contract these products that offer up to 5,000 euros in a matter of minutes. Their term is also greater, being able to return them in periods ranging from a few months to several years after the granting of the loan. The average price of these products is around 6% per month of outstanding capital.
  • Pre-granted loans: the characteristics of these financial products vary according to the offers of the different entities, depending also on the profile of the client within the same entity. A general aspect is that your concession is instantaneous and with zero paperwork because the study is already done by our bank. The amount that we can request is variable and it should be noted that the cost of these products is usually higher than that of personal loans. However, there are entities that offer pre-granted loans at 0% interest to their clients of interest as a promotion.

Before deciding on one type of product or another, it is important to compare and assess the different purposes that they offer, as well as their cost and reimbursement period. Conduct a prior analysis of our own economic situation and our ability to pay will be very useful to make the decision of the loans without fast paperwork that best suits us.

5 conditions to get credits without fast paperwork

To apply for instant payday loans and get funds instantly we will have to meet certain requirements that each lender will inform us once we start the loan application. In spite of the possibility of variation depending on the entity, these are the general conditions that demand the granting of loans without online paperwork :

  1. Be of legal age: although some companies will require us to be over 21 or 25 years old. In addition, a maximum age is usually established to request this financing, which may be 70 or 75 years at the end of the loan.
  2. Being a resident in Spain permanently: we can certify this with our ID or with the NIE, in case of being foreigners with a residence permit in Spain.
  3. To be the holder of a current account: the financial entity will make the cash entry exclusively in an account of which the loan applicant owns.
  4. Have enough income: the company will focus on our income to know if we will be able to make the payment of loan installments.
  5. Do not appear in an unpaid file: if our data is a delinquency list such as ASNEF or Experian, it will be impossible for us to obtain financing from a bank.

Fulfilling these five conditions, we can start the application for our quick loans knowing that we are able to get them. In spite of this, it will be the company that, through the analysis of our financial profile, decides whether to grant us the credit or not.

How long will it take for my quick credit money to arrive?

When we resort to quick loans, we look for concession speed. All the products that we have treated on this page will allow us to obtain financing in a matter of minutes. However, there are several circumstances that could slow down the process.

The main procedure that can be extended is that of the bank transfer of the money to our account once our loan is accepted. Transfers between entities involve a business day since it is made, while requesting a quick credit with a company that works with our bank, we can obtain the money instantly.

In addition, we must take into account that many financial companies have limited hours, so if we request financing outside of them, the process of analyzing our credit and its grant may be delayed until the next working day. Therefore, it is important to ask for loans during business hours, preferably in the morning.

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